Tania Hood LMT, LE

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Licensed Aesthetician 

Email: tania@newellnesssolutions.com

Tania was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to Madrid, Spain before settling in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her education consists of Northeastern University and School of Nursing in Boston. Tania eventually attended Spatech School for massage and Aesthetics (skincare) in Plymouth, Massachusetts which set her on course for a career she loves.

Having worked at St. Elizabeth's Medical center in Brighton for more than 23 years in gastroenterology, Tania’s focus changed when her husband Daniel succumbed to ALS. Tania saw firsthand and the benefits of massage and reiki because she had the skills to care for her husband even though he was suffering from such a debilitating neuromuscular disease.

After his passing, Tania made the decision to continue on a metaphysical and physical healing path which has profoundly changed her life as well as many of those who she treats. Tania’s focus ranges from multiple modalities. She is experienced in treating chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. She is apt to help increase ROM, especially in the neck and piriformis. She utilizes cupping therapy along with massage to help her clients. Tania specializes in neck and shoulder issues.

Tania Hood is a long time massage therapist for New England Wellness Solutions, bringing her positive energy and unique personality to her clients year after year.

Office Hours:

Tue - Wed   10 am - 6 pm

Sat                9 am - 1pm