Angela McNally, LMT, LE

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Licensed Esthetician

Licensed Aesthetician 


"My passion drives me to provide relaxation for both your mind and body"

Angela was born in Massachusetts but was raised in Rhode Island. She resides in her wonderful home with 3 beautiful cats and also helps take care of foster cats and kittens when needed!

Angela became licensed as a Massage Therapist in 2003. Unfortunately, shortly after her certification, Angela had to put a pause on her career to take care of her ailing husband.

After resuming her career, Angela decided to pursue skin care before eventually starting massage therapy again. She studied at SpaTech for both Massage Therapy and Aesthetics. Angela’s skills and expertise landed her a position as an instructor at SpaTech which she plans to continue for years to come.

Aside from her passion for helping others with stress reduction, Angela has a passion for learning. Angela is constantly looking for continued education to make her better suited to help others. Her most recent interest is in Ayurveda practice in which she will look to help treat root problems rather than just the symptoms it produces. As she is constantly learning, Angela serves as a fountain of knowledge for her clients!

Angela seeks to help her clients reduce stress from the moment they enter her treatment room. She tries to cater the overall experience to her clients so that every stimulation to their five senses leads to stress reduction. As with her skin care, she hopes to help others restore and maintain a 
general flow of the body through her techniques and nutritional advice.Type your paragraph here.

Office Hours:

Mon - Thu   11 am - 8 pm

Sat - Sun      9 am - 6 pm