"My main focus is to deliver results for clients as quickly as possible"

 Andrew was born and raised in Taunton, MA. He has been living on the South Shore in Kingston with his wife and 2 children for the past 15 years.

Andrew owned and ran a painting company for 6 years. His passion for the arts extends to music. He has been playing drums for 38 years and continues to contribute to an active band.

Andrew became interested in muscular therapy after sustaining several injuries from falling into a manhole at age 27. He wanted to address such injuries with eastern medicine and found that neuromuscular therapy significantly helped with his pain. Drew has studied Karate and then Kung Fu which gave him the knowledge 
of movement of the body and how to keep you healthy.

Andrew practices with a combination of Reiki, Muscular Therapy and Advanced Polarity Techniques. He believes that this allows him to address other systemic issues such as respiratory or digestive disorders.

Andrew is very passionate about engaging his clients in their own healing journey. Producing positive results for his clients is most rewarding for him. Andrew seeks to provide a vehicle for all clients to become 
pain-free and live life to the fullest.

Office Hours:

Thu        10 am - 8 pm

Fri           9 am - 8 pm

Sat          9 am - 3 pm

Sun         7 am - 1 pm

Andrew Barr, LMT, RPP

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Registered Polarity Practitioner

Email: andrew@newellnesssolutions.com